The Not-so-innocent Birth Control Pill

A word of precaution: If you are a guy who has stumbled upon my little blog, I would like to forewarn you that there a lot of talk about the female reproductive system. If this makes you uncomfortable, steer clear.

A couple of months ago I came across a video by Randy Alcorn on the Resurgence website entitled, “Is There a Connecton Between Birth Control and Abortion?” His assertion was that yes, there is a connection. He states that if you take the Pill (all oral contraceptives), you could be aborting unborn children.

This was radical news to me. I had always assumed that one day, I would get married, and for the first few years I would take the pill while my husband and I raised money to support a family. I know that so many Christian girls have this same attitude. I decided that it was imperative that I do some research.

My search began with a website that I recently heard about from John Piper called, which lists different reasons why one should be opposed to abortion. I wanted to know if these people, who specialized in arguments against abortion, knew about the effects of the Pill. I found an article called “Which Birth Control Methods Cause Abortion?” Listed under birth control which might cause abortion were Oral Contraceptives, along with some other little surprises, like the Contraceptive Ring and the Patch.

That article was a little vague, so I headed over to Randy Alcorn’s website. Luckily for you and me, he published a condensed version of his book, Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? Here’s my short and sweet of his short and sweet version:

As Alcorn was researching for a Pro-life book in 1991, someone suggested to him that the Pill could cause abortions. He was taken aback because his wife had been on the Pill, and as a pastor, he had counseled engaged couples to take the Pill in their first years of marriage. At the time, he did scant research, and decided that only some forms of the pill caused abortion. Years later (today), he discovered that he was wrong, and that all forms of the Pill can cause abortion, which led him to write this book.

You’re probably wondering how exactly the Pill causes an abortion. The Pill does three things.

1. It inhibits ovulation: This is the part you probably know about. This is not an abortive mechanism.

2. It thickens the cervical mucus, making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg: Also not abortive.

3. It thins the lining of the uterus, making it difficult or impossible for a fertilized egg to implant to the uterus: This is indeed abortion.

Once the egg and sperm have met, a human life has been conceived. It is a scientific and a biblical fact. Even pro-life advocates will concede. Psalm 51:5 says, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me,” which indicates that he had to be a living person from the moment of conception in order to be called sinful at that time.

If you create a “hostile environment” in which this little life cannot survive by taking the pill, you facilitate an abortion.

The sad thing is that most people don’t know about this. It’s usually not on the Pill’s container or in the paper insert, which will tell you to go to your doctor or the Physician’s Desk Reference, which, according to Wikipedia, is a commercially produced compilation of drug manufacturer’s prescribing information updated annually, for more information about how the Pill works. The Physicians Desk Reference tells you about the third mechanism, which thins the endometrium, the lining of the uterus. The endometrium should be 5 to 13 mm thick to support human life, but the average woman who is on the pill has an endometrium only 1.1 mm thick, and the median is 2.8-2.9 mm thick. Women who are on the Pill are not guaranteed to abort babies. There is a chance that the first two mechanisms work, and a child is not conceived, as well as a chance that the third mechanism also fails, and a child is conceived and born. However there is a chance that the first two mechanisms fail and a child is conceived, but the child is not able to implant to the uterus or if the child can implant, there are not enough nutrients in the thinned uterus, causing the child to be flushed out of the woman’s system. Scientists do not know how often this actually happens, but the truth is that it can happen.

Alcorn cites Dr. Walt Larimore, an award winning medical journalist who has worked for Focus on the Family as well as had his own show, in his research. This was an exciting moment in my search, because I happen to know Dr. Walt personally. He was my family doctor when I was in elementary school, and I trust his word. Like Alcorn, he previously had faith in the pill, prescribing it to his patients. However, after an eight-month period of research, he came to the conclusion that the possibility of abortion was not worth the risk. His list of abortifacient contraceptives includes the Pill, the Minipill, Depo-Provera, and Norplant.  He also states that all birth control pills work the same, so there is no safe pill. He has been featured in a documentary about the pill as well. You can watch the seven minute version here. In the past few months, he has posted more evidence that the birth control pill causes abortions.

I am incredibly thankful that I came across this information when I did. I know it was no accident, and that God directed my web browsing that day when I first saw the video. I encourage you to look at the links I’ve provided and to do your own research. Please don’t just blow this off.

I hope that I can get the word out to women both inside and outside of the church. I feel that it is especially important to put this information into the hands of Christian women. Many prescribe to pro-life beliefs, but are uninformed about the effects of the pill, and so consider it the norm. I hope that you will see that the chance of your birth control pill causing an abortion is not worth the risk. I hope that you’ll share this with your friends and family, and that some day the pill will not be the norm among Christian women.

Don’t despair; my next post is about natural forms of birth control. Spoiler alert: They are more effective than the pill!


About Emily Rau

I am learning and growing...A LOT. I love photography and music. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and am so thankful for God's grace and love.
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4 Responses to The Not-so-innocent Birth Control Pill

  1. I’m one family doctor who is awfully proud of his former patient. Well done, Emily. Well done, indeed!

  2. beccaramirez says:

    it can’t be too bad since 2 ppl you know got pregnant while on the pill.

  3. Emily Rau says:

    It’s definitely a possibility to get pregnant on the pill! I assume you’re one of those 2 people, glad you did, I love her :] I’m not saying it constantly happens, but it’s been shown that there’s a 15-19% chance that someone could ovulate, and there’s a possibility that the mucus doesn’t always stop the sperm. After that, there’s the chance of pregnancy, like what happened with (I assume) your sweet baby girl, or the uterine wall could be too thin to support the baby. I just don’t want to take a chance, ya know?

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