Faith is Not a Feeling

Emotions are a struggle for me. This often leads to trouble in the spiritual realm as well, because I can become sucked into what I’m feeling and forget that God’s Word is constant and unchanging. My emotions seem more real than what God says.

Over Easter weekend my mom gave me a book that a friend had given her called Faith is Not a Feeling by Ney Bailey. It sat on my shelf at school, and then at home, but I decided it was time to finally pick up that book! After about 4 hours of reading over two days, I had finished the whole book. It’s only 135 pages long, and I would suggest it to anyone who has difficulty with their emotions.

I would say the biggest help in the book was something that people have been suggesting to me for a while. My friends and family often say “look to God’s promises” or “memorize scripture,” which are right and true, but I had trouble figuring out exactly how to do that. Ney put it in a way that really clicked with me. She prays and talks to God about what she’s feeling, THEN she prays and says, ‘God, this is what I know is true about this situation based on Your Word,’ and applies whatever Biblical principle is relevant. She definitely knows her Bible, so that’s where the memorization comes into play. I really like that she doesn’t try to push away or ignore her feelings or hide them from God. She tells Him what’s going on, and then relies on His Truth because it’s bigger than what she’s feeling. I think I can do that!

I know this is going to take work and prayer and trust, and I’m not magically going to be “Faith Woman” tomorrow, but this is a habit that I want to start. I hope that this was an “aha” moment for one of you too.


About Emily Rau

I am learning and growing...A LOT. I love photography and music. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and am so thankful for God's grace and love.
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